At ZYNA, we practice the art of Search Within.  This method represents a search beyond typical borders, often crossing the line of the expected and applying a different lens to the rules. This leads us to insights that go beyond the obvious and reveal the shortest path to success.

We get to know our target talent pool through research, assessment and referencing. Through our Search Within approach, we are able to engage the candidate and ultimately provide a catalyst. The result is a valuable outcome that drives results, backed up with a solid ROI.

“Some people look at a dandelion and see a weed, others see a wish.”

"Everybody is after being extraordinary. In fact, the more you try to be extraordinary the more ordinary you look. It is such an ordinary desire. The very search to execute the basics and execute them well is extraordinary.”

Zyna`s Story

ZYNA was originally founded by leading figures across the financial and professional services ‎talent arena. ZYNA was created with the clear goal, no matter how ambitious, to be a market leading international search consultancy firm. We seek to partner with our clients to search and secure organisational leadership through identification, assessment, and recruitment of the global talent pool. Although top-level management change is relatively rare, we also work with business leaders to build up their own teams. We serve our clients with advice that is based on a deep understanding of their organisation, an expert perspective on their talent

and thorough knowledge of the universe of candidates. In a competitive industry the foundations of ZYNA have been built on a pioneering approach, seeking to apply a different lens to familiar issues, entering frontier markets and territories where there  has been limited precedent and embracing ambiguity. In an industry where technological advances have helped lower the barriers of entry to find talent, identification may be easy, but having the skill to find and secure the right talent is notoriously hard and takes more than a few clicks of a mouse. In this we are well versed and will work in tandem with you to ensure successful appointments.


The inches we need are all around us.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Time is the most valuable thing we can spend.

Why Zyna?

As a boutique consultancy, we may not have at our disposal the work force and physical geographical foot print of larger firms, but what we lack in breadth, we more than make up for in our depth of expertise, agility and innovation. We get our hands dirty and do the rigorous research required to ensure a long-lasting impact. Our solutions are customised for each client to help bridge today’s success with tomorrow’s goals.

We prioritise according to the crucial goals at hand, working with our clients directly to learn what their business requirements are, and carry out thorough research to find the right candidate to meet their criteria. Our consultants have a direct and hands on approach to provide our clients with comfort. They screen every candidate, promote a strategy that is also tactical and guide them through the search process.


“It's a funny thing, the more we practice the luckier we get"

Zyna Research

Search Within is the core of our research. We get to know our target talent pool through research, assessment and referencing. We identify and examine what’s truly relevant in their experience. We understand what they care about and what motivates them to act. This leads us to insights that go beyond the obvious and reveal the shortest path to success.

Because of this, we can present the most compelling candidates on message at the right time. We are able to engage the candidate that really cares about what opportunity we are presenting, and ultimately provide them the catalyst to inspire them to move. The result is a valuable boost, tightly backed up with a track record of acquisition and retention .

search within

Zyna Approach

We partner with our clients closely to find the best talent and make the right executive appointments.  We absorb a client’s culture, assessing its needs and encouraging ambition. We search globally for candidates, exploring motivation and delving into character. Ours is a rigorous and profoundly researched process, but also an enjoyable and highly co-operative one.

We do not fear innovation. If you don’t ask the question, the answer is always no. The Zyna approach allows us the freedom of new innovation in our daily process. Sometimes it takes courage to apply a different lens to see the unique situation. The following three successful partnerships give tangible context to how we work with our clients and candidates:

Formula one CHAMPIONS

The best people in general are never looking to leave. They are well respected, well rewarded and have excellent prospects, so the right candidates must be found, an interest must be created and given the guidance necessary to join a new business; to do this a specialist is needed in their field. We understand the essence of talent in business, whether transformational or strategic. The best in class are not common and need to be nurtured during their engagement and after they

join their new firm. At ZYNA we have a track record that speaks for itself. In 2012 Lewis Hamilton quit McLaren, a team of proven, habitual winners, and decided to take flight with Mercedes, simultaneously turning down a deal which would have made him the best-paid driver in Formula One. Few had seen it coming and even less believed it made sense. Two years on, with Hamilton crowned World Champion, the response to Lewis’ bombshell makes for interesting reading.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick
NFL all-time leading player and coach

We seek to avoid the old familiar faces, cross fertilise between sectors and keep an eye on the rising generations. Recommendations become a matter of advising clients, (sometimes quite surprising advice) not bluntly presenting a shortlist or proposing the popular choices. In 2000, the New England Patriots were a mess. The Patriots had lost six of their final eight games during the 1999 season and fired head coach Pete Carroll. Bill Belichick was hired to replace Carroll, and the team made one of the biggest steals in NFL Draft history:

Tom Brady. Brady and Bill Belichick have combined to form one of the most successful quarterback-coach tandems in NFL history a move that would win the franchise three Super Bowls in the next five seasons. A lot of people think the Patriots just got lucky in drafting a future Hall of Famer so late in the draft. In reality, luck had very little to do with it. It’s not that the Patriots wanted to draft a tall, lanky, slow quarterback. Belichick did a lot of homework on him, along with his staff, on his mental makeup and leadership skills

Torvil AND Dean
1984 Olympic Ice Dance Gold medalists

Torvill and Dean’s 1984 Olympic free dance was skated to Maurice Ravel’s Boléro. Olympics rules stated that the free dance must be 4 minutes long. They were told that the minimum time that Boléro could be condensed down to was 4 minutes 28 seconds. Torvill and Dean reviewed the Olympic

rule book and found that it stated that the actual timing of a skating routine began when the skaters started skating, rather than when the music started. They timed the performance so that when Torvill first placed a blade on the ice, they would have the maximum skating time remaining to dance for gold.

Zyna People

Our team of experts finds executive talent as distinctive as the organisations they lead. As a boutique firm, the team we provide will typically consist of a lead partner and a researcher who combine their talents to work directly with the client. The process covers every aspect of the search, including all negotiations, placement and any necessary arrangements for the new recruit.

This also means that the understanding between the team members leading the search continues to take place at every stage. For matters of consistency, the team is experienced with handling key issues and analysing all potentially difficult situations for each case, allowing for quick response and clear headed judgment specific to individual situations.

if we turn things upside down, we can see another perspective.

Boutique is the future for executive search

“Boutique search firms represent the future of executive search. While yet to become a global presence, a clear specialty and a global mindset are essential for such firms,” a global authority on headhunters has told the European Executive Search Congress. “You’ve got to stand for something, and stand for something globally,” said Nancy Garrison Jenn, an adviser to global companies on the selection of executive search firms worldwide.

The whole moon and entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop




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